Configuring Performance Max to run shopping ads only

Performance Max
Andrey Kisselev
April 7, 2023

How to force a Performance Max campaign to run shopping ads only.

Performance Max will automatically create and run shopping ads, search ads, and display ads for you.

But what if you don’t want to run search ads, or want to spend only 10% on display ads?  Can’t do that with Performance Max.

The trick I'll show you today will force a Performance Max campaign to generate mostly shopping ads. 97% of ads on my reconfigured campaigns are now shopping ads.

Warning: This method did not work for some of my readers so please take it with the grain of salt.

For this to work, you need a Google Ads Editor. Google Ads editor is a free desktop application for managing google ads campaigns, It is particularly helpful for managing large campaigns, or for working offline.

1. Create a Performance Pax campaign with the asset group that will contain images and text ad assets

Performance Max campaign viewed in Google Ads

2. Open the campaign in Google Ads Editor

3. Click on the campaign name, then on asset groups

Performance Max campaign viewed in Google Ads Editor

4. Select the group with the mouse, copy and paste it. The duplicate group will appear

5. Change the new group’s name to Shopping only and post the changes

6. Back in Google Ads, refresh your screen

7.Click Edit assets on the Shopping only asset group

8. Remove all images, videos, logos, and text elements

9. Save the changes. You now have an asset group with empty assets

Asset group with empty assets

10. Pause the first asset group after clicking on the Enable status in the bottom left.

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