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The result of [your work] has been tremendous. The traffic that is coming to the site is lower, but it is converting more. I would say to any business owner out there: don’t go looking for someone to do Google Ads who’s just bring you a ton of traffic. You need someone smart enough to understand: we need to get you the right traffic that will convert into customers for you, not just people going to your website and leaving.

Eric VanZwieten
Zasady marketing agency

I now have a person now who understands what you are trying to achieve. A person who can craft a custom campaign for your needs and adjust it as you go. And also, a person who can think out of the box

Konstantin Dolgan

I really like the way that he sent quick little videos that told me right where to look for the information he needed me to get for him.

Peter Conti
Real Estate 101

There is no headache in running Google Ads now. [Your service] -  it’s just convenient, it's effective, and it saves time and money essentially.

Konstantin Dolgan

I would recommend your service to anyone who thinks that Google Ads will help their business. It is a good value, especially for small business owners.

Eric VanZwieten
Zasady marketing agency

Google Ads management
for small businesses

by Andrey Kisselev | Newark, NJ

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Why Choose Me

I am laser-focused on Google Ads management. By hiring me you will get a superior PPC management service for a fraction of the price you would pay to a marketing agency.

Focus on Paid Search

Every Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 I manage Google and Bing Ads accounts for my clients. I keep abreast of the industry changes and constantly update my Google Partner status and Certifications

Respect for your money

I have a deep respect for the money I am managing on your behalf, regardless of the size of your business and advertising budget. My fees are transparent and reasonable even for small budgeted campaigns. I call it budget-friendly Google Ads Management

Direct Communication

I don't outsource my work so our communication will always be personal, quick and efficient. You get all the information I get, including regular reporting, chats, calls, and video explainers as often as you need it

I Like My Size

Working alone, I personally manage all accounts with a healthy helping of sophisticated automation and organization utilizing best in class software, research platforms and productivity tools


I consider myself your strategic partner, with an actual interest in the growth of your business. Practically, this looks like a long-term collaborative relationship with you and your business knowledge, and me and my PPC knowledge working together at the table.

Custom Reporting

In order to enhance our transparency and make things as easy for you as possible, i provide flexible, customized reporting that include the metrics most important to you delivered on your ideal schedule

For the last 4 years I have been helping businesses advertise on Google Ads and Bing Ads.

I also build fast, mobile-friendly landing pages. Landing pages are essential in adding an extra performance boost to any marketing campaign.

I am a top-rated freelancer with 94% of customer satisfaction level on Upwork.

Some of my strengths are:
Respect For Your Money
No Outsourcing
Direct Communication
Reliable, Mature Person

In a recent interview I talk about starting
AddiMarketing, where I am now and
where I want to go next.


Bing Ads

Don’t miss out on 30% more leads. Reach new, high quality customers on Bing.

Landing Page Design

Dedicated landing pages are often essential to the success of the advertising campaigns.

Search Campaigns

Comprehensive management of all types of search campaigns including: Call-only, Search Networks , and Retargeting in search campaigns

Shopping Campaigns

My proven management approach to Google Shopping will help you sell more product while increasing your profit margins.

Display Campaigns

Display network advertising could be a very effective way to bring in traffic at scale and to increase awareness cheaper than the other campaign types.

Google Ads

Personal, full-service management of your Google Ads accounts. I have helped over 50 companies turn wasteful ad spend into sustained profitability. Let me help you do the same.


These are  Google Ads management plans. All plans include monthly reporting

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads audit
for new clients*


Get started
most popular


in Google Ads cost


Contact me


in Google Ads cost


Contact me


Up to $3,000/mo
in Google Ads cost


Contact me
*Find underperforming areas + Recommend improvements + Formulate proposal
** Add $300 1-time setup fee if Google Merchant Center required
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