Case Study: Ecommerce Furniture Supply store

A restaurant furniture manufacturing company with an annual turnover of about $10 million approached me to help enhance their PPC campaigns. Dealing with poor historical conversion data, I improved tracking and revamped Google and Bing shopping ads. This led to an 82% revenue growth and almost doubling in ROAS.

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Project Stats

Client vertical: Ecommerce Furniture supplly store

Ad Budget: between $25K  and $35K/mo

Campaign Goals: Increase revenue and ROAS

Results:  82% revenue growth, 97% ROAS increase

The task

A company that makes and sells furniture for restaurants, bringing in about $10 million a year, reached out to me.

They wanted help to make their PPC campaigns more effective.


A big problem we faced in this project was poor-quality old conversion data. The current conversion tracking was set up wrong, causing it to track useless conversions.

This was a challenge because we needed correct conversion data to make the campaign work well.
Also, the selected product categories had fairly low sales, about 10 per month. This made us worry if the data would be enough for the algorithm to learn and perform optimally.


To address the challenges and achieve the project goals, a phased approach was implemented.

Conversion Tracking Overhaul
The first step was to replace the Analytics transactions conversion tracking with direct Google Ads conversion tracking to improve data accuracy and reliable revenue reporting.

Improved Conversion Tracking.
We supplemented limited sales data with a new conversion action, “Quotes Sent,” which required detailed forms from customers, indicating higher buying intent. This expanded dataset enriched the smart shopping campaign.

Campaign Structure Transition
Standard shopping campaigns were initially structured through query-level bidding. This was later replaced by Performance Max campaigns using a maximize conversion value bidding strategy with a budget equal to the previous standard campaigns.


The strategy we used yielded impressive results:

Revenue Increase: Over a six-month period, a 82% increase in revenue was observed.

ROAS Improvement: The return on ad spend (ROAS) experienced a 97% increase, signifying a significant improvement in campaign efficiency.

Budget Optimization: Even with a 50% budget reduction due to inventory constraints, sales continued to grow consistently, highlighting the effectiveness of the restructured campaigns.

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