Case Study: Ecommerce metal stockholder

An online metal stockholder with over five decades of expertise wanted to grow sales while maintaining a strong ROI. My PPC strategy boosted the client’s revenue by 18%, and for high-margin items by 23% in just three months with healthy ROI.

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As a prominent online metal stockholder in the UK with over five decades of expertise, this client provides standard alloys, cut-to-size services, and diverse metal quantities for projects ranging from home improvement to large-scale construction.

Despite their online success, the client wanted to grow sales while maintaining a strong ROI. To achieve this, they aimed to enhance the quality and quantity of their PPC channels.

My PPC strategy boosted the client’s revenue by 18% in three months with healthy ROI. Restructured campaigns, optimized feed, and diversified platforms increased brand visibility, promoted repeat purchases, and solidified the client’s position as a trusted metal supplier.

Platforms Leveraged

Google Ads

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)


Technology Leveraged


ProductHero CSS

Symprosis Customer Match List


Prior to implementation, I identified critical issues:

  • Inaccurate Conversion Tracking: Google Ads conversions were misattributed, and GA4 tracking across all channels was significantly flawed.
  • Unoptimized Product Feed: The product feed lacked essential product types and GTINs, limiting optimization potential and visibility.
  • Overcomplicated Account Structure: The presence of 46 Google Ads campaigns in the account created an overly segmented product selection, making review and optimization processes cumbersome and inefficient.

These issues were addressed prior to implementing further changes.


Campaign Consolidation and Refinement

Product categories were grouped based on profitability, and search keywords were carefully checked and prioritized based on value per click.

This resulted in a streamlined structure of six campaigns (down from 45!), laying the groundwork for enhanced performance across shopping and search ads.

Optimized Product Advertising‍: Performance Max/Shopping Campaigns

To enhance the brand’s visibility, the client’s product feed was optimized to ensure it contained accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information about the products.

Additionally, product descriptions and titles were optimized to reflect specific search queries, making it easier for customers to find the products they were seeking.

Diversified Advertising Platforms: Expanding to Microsoft

Bing advertising was introduced to increase the brand’s reach to capture prospects who hadn’t been captured through Google Ads.

Bing’s search and shopping targeting capabilities were utilized to reach new customers interested in custom-cut metal products.

Repurposed videos were integrated into Performance Max campaigns, significantly increasing campiagn reach and visibility


18% growth in overall revenue

23% growth in revenue for high-margin products

Record-breaking week in terms or revenue

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