How to set up a feed-only Performance Max campaign without fail

How to realiably set up a shopping-only Performance Max campaign

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How to set up feed-only Pmax campaigns reliably?

The approaches I’ve used so far (described here, here, and here)  can be a hit or miss.

It’s no surprise since Google does not recommend this method for running a Pmax campaign.

The method I will show you always works because it’s an official feature of Google Ads.

Step 1: Prepare a standard shopping campaign that will eventually be converted into a feed-only Performance Max campaign.

Step 2: In the campaign settings, click Create Experiment to start a Performance Max versus Standard Shopping Campaign Experiment.

The create experiment button in the standard shopping campaign settings

Configure the experiment. When prompted, select Create campaign for me.

‼️This step will replicate your standard shopping campaign as a feed-only (shopping-only) Performance Max campaign.

When configuring experiment, select "Create campaign for me"

Step 3: Allow the experiment to run for a short period (a day or so).

Step 4: Find your experiment in the Campaigns, Experiments menu and click Apply.

Click Apply to end the experiment

This will remove the original standard shopping campaign and convert the Performance Max campaign into an independent, feed-only campaign.

That’s it!

This process has worked for me every time I used, but still, please let me know if you ran into any problems

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