Shopping-Only Performance Max Campaigns

Shopping-only Performance Max campaigns (or “feed-only”, “no-asset”, or “naked” campaigns) drive more shopping traffic to your online store because they use your product feed only to optimize your online store traffic. This post shows you how to create one on a live Google Ads account.

Mobile Ad placements in Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max ads can run in multiple location types, including mobile apps. Because mobile app traffic is typically lower quality, I exclude it from the Performance Max campaigns. Let’s talk about mobile app placements, how to view them, and how to exclude them from Performance Max campaigns.

How to View Google’s Free Listings Revenue

Here’s how to view the revenue of Google free listings in Google Analytics 4. Free listings are Google’s organic shopping ads. Its data is visible in the Merchant Center – except for revenue. The free listing statistics visible in the Google Merchant Center In Google Analytics 4, Click on Reports, Traffic acquisition. Click on the blue […]

Product Warnings in Merchant Center

If you’re selling products on Google Merchant Center, you must know about product warnings. Here’s a short video and text introduction of product warnings on a Google Merchant Center. Product warnings in the Merchant Center’s product diagnostics screen Products warnings can be viewed in the Google Merchant Center’s Products Diagnostics view. they are marked with triangle icons.If […]

Product Disapprovals in Merchant Center

What are product disapprovals in the Google Merchant Center.
In order to be sold, a product must initially be visible to potential customers
Disapproved products are not displayed in Shopping ads, Pmax campaigns, and free listings
So, solving product disapprovals can directly affect sales.

The Google Merchant Center Next Preview

The revamped Merchant Center Experience is a game changer for smaller businesses.

The upcoming Google’s Merchant Center will make it easier for smaller merchants to get started and grow their business.
It will become a kind of an equalizer weapon for small businesses competing with larger businesses.
For example, a product feed can be populated automatically with the information detected on the website – without the hassle of manually uploading or updating the feed.

Product Studio: New Google AI Tool for Merchants

The new Google AI Product Studio tool will simplify product image transformation for many SMB merchants.

Getting brand-ready content is expensive and time-consuming.
Meanwhile, products with more than one image, are getting significantly more views and clicks.

ChatGPT-like AI Integration into Search Ads

Google is bringing ChatGPT – like AI integration into Google Search Ads. Conversational experience promises to jumpstart campaign creation.
Simply add a preferred landing page from your website and Google AI will summarize the page.
Then, it will generate relevant and effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images and other assets for your campaign.
Google Ads will ask you questions and you can answer them so the AI can fine-tune the ad.
You can, at any time, edit the ad and modify it, before you decide to publish the ads.
As you go along, You can continue to prompt it to generate alternative ads as well.
Now, you can chat your way into better performance – ask Google AI for ideas, just like you might ask a colleague.

Lifestyle vs Product-only Images in Shopping Ads

Should I use lifestyle or product-only images in shopping ads?

Question: should my product images in shopping ads have a lifestyle background or should they be close cropped?

I don’t think there is a single right answer.

In Shopping or Performance Max campaigns you can use product-only images, when your products are being used on a plain background, and in-context (or lifestyle) images when your products are shown in a natural and authentic setting.

For Shopping ads placements, I would say the biggest factor is standing out from your competitors. If everyone is doing product-only product shots, having a lifestyle image can help to stand out.

Ultimately, the best type of product image for your shopping campaign depends on your goals, budget, and products. You may want to test different types of images and see which ones perform better in terms of clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Finally, you can have both types of images for your products, to do that, add a feed attribute called lifestyle_image_link.