Lifestyle vs Product-only Images in Shopping Ads

Should I use lifestyle or product-only images in shopping ads?

Question: should my product images in shopping ads have a lifestyle background or should they be close cropped?

I don’t think there is a single right answer.

In Shopping or Performance Max campaigns you can use product-only images, when your products are being used on a plain background, and in-context (or lifestyle) images when your products are shown in a natural and authentic setting.

For Shopping ads placements, I would say the biggest factor is standing out from your competitors. If everyone is doing product-only product shots, having a lifestyle image can help to stand out.

Ultimately, the best type of product image for your shopping campaign depends on your goals, budget, and products. You may want to test different types of images and see which ones perform better in terms of clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Finally, you can have both types of images for your products, to do that, add a feed attribute called lifestyle_image_link.

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