How I increased revenue with Performance Max

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How I quickly increased revenue in a Google Ads account with Performance Max and search campaigns.

Two weeks ago, I needed to quickly increase revenue in my Google Ads account.

So I did two things: dropped target ROAS on my Performance Max campaign and my search campaigns, and replaced shopping only asset groups with full-asset groups in the Performance Max campaign.

These were the results:

Shooping traffic in the Pmax campaign dropped from 100 percent to 25 percent and then stabilized to roughly 50 percent during 14 days.

When checked In the Google Ads view, the Performance Max cost increased by 74% and conversion value increased by 90%.

So that’s $3,700 more revenue. And this additional revenue came mostly of the expense of the dynamic search ads campaign.

That’s understandable because the Performance Max campaign generates dynamic search ads with full assets.

And overall account numbers were: revenue increased by 26 percent while cost increased by 35 percent.

ROAS took a hit of 6%, but the goal of scaling revenue relative quickly was achieved.

And I expect that ROAS will also eventually increase as the Pmax campaign gains conversion data and learns more.

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