Shopping Ads Bidding in 2024

shopping ads bidding

The bidding strategies for shopping and Performance Max campaigns are described as three key steps: Collecting Data, Improving Efficiency, and Expanding Scale.

How to Exclude Mobile App Placements From Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max ads can run in multiple location types, including mobile apps. Because mobile app traffic is typically lower quality, I exclude it from the Performance Max campaigns. Let’s talk about mobile app placements, how to view them, and how to exclude them from Performance Max campaigns.

How to find bestselling products for structuring shopping campaigns

One of the optimization strategies of Google shopping campaigns is to split them into the best-selling products and others. But how do you find the best-selling products? This can be done in two ways: with Google Ads, and with Google Analytics. We will explain both methods, and compare them here. Google Ads method Bestesllers in […]

How Does Performance Max Spend Your Money

This free tool brings you unique insights into spend and performance of Performance Max campaigns. The tool While the Pmax performance has improved across my accounts in the last several months, its reporting capabilities are still poor. I cannot separate video traffic costs from shopping, and can’t see the performance of individual asset group. Until […]

Optimizing Product Titles

Tips on writing good product titles to improve your Google Ads relevenace and click-through rates.