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Andrey Kisselev
October 20, 2021

I offer Google and Bing Ads account management, account audit, and Google Ads coaching.

I can help e-commerce businesses in one of three ways: by managing their Google Ads accounts, by auditing an account, and by offering a coaching sessions, I manage an account by first doing the tune-up or if its main elements, which can be shopping campaigns, search campaigns, account structure, conversion tracking merchant center, and the merchant feed. And then managing it consistently on an ongoing basis towards reaching customers' business goals: increase an ROI or scaling revenue, or both. An account audit is a comprehensive review of your account. You'll get a document with the findings of this detailed account analysis, actionable improvement recommendations, and also a longer term plan to achieve your marketing goals. The coaching sessions are one-hour calls where we tackle your most pressing questions and issues. Things like: how to improve your shopping ads, how to scale your shopping campaigns, how to structure them in the best way for your specific account, and how to fix or configure conversion tracking or remarketing.

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