Google Ads Conversion Tracking on Magento 2 | Tutorial

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Today, we will configure direct conversion tracking on Google Ads running on a Magento 2 store. We’ll do it in four steps:

  1. Creating a conversion in Google Ads
  2. Adding the conversion code to the website using a Google Tag Manager
  3. Configuring the Magento store
  4. Viewing the results

I prefer this conversion tracking method over importing transactions from Analytics because it provides Google with better and more detailed conversion data, which always helps in running more efficient and profitable campaigns.

Creating a conversion in Google Ads

In your Google Ads, click on Tools & Settings, Conversions.

First steps to create a Google Ads conversion

Click on the blue plus sign to create a conversion.

Use the website as a type, and purchase as a category.

Name your conversion as you wish. As the value use, Different values for each conversion, Every for the count.

Set the click-through conversion window to data similar or close to your sales cycle, and set your view-through conversion window here like this.

Leave including conversions as Yes and change the attribution model to Data-driven if it’s available, Linear or Position based. Save it.

You should see the new conversion.

Conversion view in Google Ads

Click on it, click on Tag setup, use Google Tag Manager.

Copy the conversion id and conversion label to another document, you will need it in the next steps.

Adding the conversion code to the website with Google Tag Manager

A new trigger screen in Google Tag Manager

In your Google Tag Manager in the triggers hit New, name it as you wish,

as the type use Page View, Some Page Views , page url matches RegEx, as a string use /checkout/onepage/success/, which is typical for Magento. Save it.

A new tag screen in Google Tag Manager

Go to Tags, create a new tag, name it as you wish.

As a configuration, select Google Ads Conversion Tracking, as a conversion id and conversion label use your previously saved values.

Click Triggering and pick the trigger that you had created earlier Customer Paid. Click Save, and then click Submit.

Configuring the Magento store

In your Magento admin, click on Stores, Configuration. Go to Sales and Google API.

Configuring Google Ads in the Magento 2 store

Here you will see the Google Adwords section. Clear the check box, change it Yes to enable, clear the check box in the conversion id, and – you guessed it – add the conversion id we have here.

Do the same with the conversion label. Save your configuration.

Viewing the results

Viewing the conversion tag status and conversion value in the Google Ads conversions view

Open Conversions in Google Ads. Make sure the tracking status of your conversion action is Recording conversions, and if you hover on it it should say Conversion tag is active.

The conversion value can also be viewed in the conversion action window if the appropriate column is added there.

Viewing conversion action and conversion values in the Google Ads main view

Conversion values and actions can also be displayed on the Overview screen. To add a conversion value, pick one of the markers, select Conversion Value, and pick our created conversion Customer Paid. You will see a line representing the conversion value.

To add a conversion action, pick another marker, then select Conversions, and pick our newly created conversion Customer Paid.

Here we have a blue line showing the conversion value and a red line showing the conversion actions.


This post has outlined the steps to configure Google Ads conversion tracking on a Magento 2 store.

For a practical walkthrough of these steps, you can watch this video.

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