I asked for a 3-hour consult to help me build new AdWord campaigns for a web-based clinical software business. Andrey came to the rescue. I got a customized crash course in best practices. If you baffled by how AdWords actually operates, but know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, Andrey is your go-to professional.
Brian Farrow, Marketing Manager
VERY good job with our AdWords. He lowered our cost per click while still receiving as many qualified clicks as we were receiving previously. We wanted to improve a campaign that has been running for years and he did an A+ job. While this job is complete we are continuing to work with Andrey not only on this campaign but for other projects as well. I have experience with AdWords and Andrey is really a pro! Hire him! 😉
Brian Brakauskas, Owner
Dance Louisville
Andrey has done a great job optimizing our Google Ads campaign for the purposes we need. Originally our campaign was attracting unqualified leads, but after Andrey's corrections, we are getting leads that are important for our business. In addition to completing all the terms within this project, Andrey also went an "extra mile" by taking care of our call tracking and some other important analytics tools. Andrey also took time to explain to me how to use Google Ads dashboard to get the data we need to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. Overall, Andrey is a great expert in Google Ads. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve or start their PPC campaign.
Konstantin Dolgan, Owner
LA New Product Development Team
Andrey did an excellent job. I consider myself knowledgeable about the subject I hired him for (AdWords) so I had extremely high expectations and was seeking a true expert. Andrey did not disappoint! He was extremely knowledgeable and made many actionable suggestions in order to optimize my campaign. I will definitely use him again if I need any more help in AdWords.
Mike Reese, Co-founder
MJ Entertainment
Outstanding freelancer who I worked with for several months. Went above and beyond in the tiny details that really set him apart from other freelancers I have worked with.
Mike Beckett, Program Manager
OBEK Technologies
Very pleased with Andrey's knowledge of Google Adwords and his ability to hone in on the most important areas for improvement of my client's campaign.
Dana Baedke, President
Key Marketing
Andrey would be a good freelancer to look at for paid search. We had an issue with one account and Andrey handled it very professionally.
Chris Brewer, Co-Founder
OMG Commerce
Andrey knows this stuff and was very easy to work with. His work gave me very good results and insight into what my target market is looking for. We were able to adapt quickly to the demands to improve results in real time. I look forward to working with Andrey again.
Ben Accinelli, Owner
Andrey was able to help us effectively with our adwords and google tracking. I really like the way that he sent quick little videos that told me right where to look for the information he needed me to get for him. Andrey is now our go-to guy when we need help in any of the areas that he specializes in.
Peter Conti, Owner
Real Estate 101
Excellent Adwords guru. I would recommend him for refinement and optimization of all Adwords accounts for Bing, Google, Yahoo and others.
Andrew Hughes, President
Designing Digitally
Andrey showed me Adwords opportunities I was not aware of, and I've been doing online advertising for years. He is extremely knowledgeable and had excellent suggestions for optimizing my ads.
Maria Peagler, founder
Social Media Online Classes
Very professional audit report. Much better than others that I have seen.
Micheal De La Torre, CEO
Fantastic work. Clear and valuable insights for our campaigns.
Tom Connard, Co-founder
3D Source
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