Google Ads Coaching

Learn faster, become more confident in what you are doing


Running your business and running Google Ads at the same time is challenging. To get results, you need to invest time and resources to learn the system. Or, you know that do accomplish, but not sure how to do it.
That's what my coaching calls are made for.

What You'll Get

1 hour-long, recorded Zoom video call.
Deep dive into your specific PPC issue.
Exposing performance bottlenecks, and finding improvement.
Detailed training on specific topics.


The price for a 1-hour long coaching call is $150.
After clicking the button below and making the payment, you'll receive a link to schedule a call.
I am pretty flexible with scheduling, and can accommodate most calls within 3-4 business days after payment.

Some of the topics discussed on the calls

Our AdWords campaigns are apparently running at 40% efficiency. Basically my spend has gotten out of control compared to our sales.
"We are running Google Ads for a few years and our ads are not performing well recently. Looking for a specialist to suggest further strategies for marketing on Google and Bing."
"I started Google Ads a few months ago it has scaled to around $5-6K/month in growth. However, our CPA is too high and the profit margins are not sustainable. I am looking for someone to take a look at my campaigns and provide some insight into the next steps."
I am currently managing Google Ads for a client and I was looking to receive help on ways to improve Quality Score metrics and landing page conversions.
I’m looking for someone who can take a look at my Google Ads account and coach me on setting up new campaigns. I’m mainly interested in running a video ad targeting people who have watched any of my YouTube videos or subscribed to my blog.

I've had the pleasure of having two coaching sessions with Andrey. He's very knowledgable, a great communicator, very professional, didn't waste a minute of my time, and answered every single one of my questions clearly and directly about Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager. I cannot recommend him enough! Thanks Andrey!

Moshfegh Hamedani | Founder

Very pleased with Andrey's knowledge of Google Ads and his ability to hone in on the most important areas for improvement of my client's campaign.

Dana Baedke | President