Google Ads Coaching

If you feel that your campaigns could do better, and need a second opinion with new ideas, schedule a consulting call to discuss and fix the challenges that you're facing!

I asked for a 3-hour consult to help me build new AdWord campaigns for a web-based clinical software business. Andrey came to the rescue. I got a customized crash course in best practices. If you baffled by how AdWords actually operates, but know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, Andrey is your go-to professional.

Brian Farrow | Director of Marketing
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Overview Of My Coaching Calls

Running your business and Google Ads at the same time is challenging.
To get results, you need to learn the system AND know how to use it.
That is not easy to do on your own.
Or, you know that do accomplish, but not sure how to do it.
That's what my coaching calls are made for.

What You'll Get

  1. 1 hour-long Zoom video call with shared screen, recorded and yours to keep
  2. Google Ads and Bing Ads training and consulting
  3. Deep dive into your account, its performance issues, and ways to improve it
  4. Recommendations for product / service / website improvement


The price for a 1-hour long coaching call is $120. After clicking the button below and making the payment, you'll receive a link to schedule a call.
I am pretty flexible, and can accommodate most calls within 3-4 business days after payment.

Some of the topics discussed on the calls

"Our AdWords campaigns are apparently running at 40% efficiency. Basically my spend has gotten out of control compared to our sales."
"We are running Google Ads for a few years and our ads are not performing well recently. Looking for a specialist to suggest further strategies for marketing on Google and Bing."
"I started Google Ads a few months ago it has scaled to around $5-6K/month in growth. However, our CPA is too high and the profit margins are not sustainable. I am looking for someone to take a look at my campaigns and provide some insight into the next steps."
"Can you help me make sense of my Google Analytics?"

1 Hour Coaching Call

My coaching calls will help you grow faster and become more confident in what you are doing!
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Very pleased with Andrey's knowledge of Google Adwords and his ability to hone in on the most important areas for improvement of my client's campaign.

Dana Baedke | President
See 50+ Client Testimonials