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Law Firm Increases Leads, Reduces Wasted Spend



"Excellent work. Highly recommended. Very knowledgeable and very quick to respond."

- Stephen Berlin Esq., Owner, Berlin Law Firm

Berlin Law Firm handles workers compensation claims in Florida. Being among the highest esteemed workers compensation lawyers in the state, they provide legal protection, ensure full recovery, and support workers through their compensation case.

the goal

The owner wanted to fine-tune his existing Google ads campaigns in order to get more leads, at a lower cost per lead. High brand discoverability is critical for business success of a injury-at-work law firm. While searching for this type of legal help, people usually settle with the first relevant search results they see. But the paid search costs for legal campaigns are also notoriously high.


Paid search clicks in the legal sector are notoriously expensive. They could cost up to $100 and more. At the same time, in order to be effective, legal ads usually need to be in the prime spots. Being under a lot of stress, people, searching for an injury-at-work lawyer, usually engage with the first relevant looking brand they find.

So the challege had been finding the right balance between high discoverability and high costs.

The optimization journey had two distinct phases. The initial account restructuring, keyword tightening, and ad copy rewriting (what I call "low-handing fruit of optimization) resulted in 71% calls increase and 15% cost decrease during the first month of management.

After that, as more nuanced optimization had started, performance somewhat platoed. The key to success at this point is methodical, ongoing optimization. I continued to iron out various campaign elements and to experiment with new approaches. The call only ads were introduced and proved to be a cost-effective lead generator. A/B testing the new ads had helped to improve Quality score, and with that further increase efficiency.

Various budgets levels overall and across thecampaigns had been tried until the optimal setup was found.

Microsoft Advertising (formerly called Bing Ads) were launched and started to bring the lead at lower costs.


147% increase in leads
43% decrease in cost per lead

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