Ecommerce business triples revenue without increasing PPC budget




Andrey has done a fantastic job in generating more revenue as well as reducing my spend. He is very easy to work with and I would recommend Addi and his services for anyone looking for help with their AdWords account."

Chas Robertson, Owner, Grab Bar Specialists


For over 20 years Grab Bar Specialists has been providing the best American made grab bars, safety and bathroom products to nursing homes, hospitals, contractors, and home renovation individuals.

All their products meet specific industry standards called ADA guidelines.

The Goal

I was brought in to help efficiency of the Google ads campaigns.

As the owner put it: “My spend has gotten out of control comparing to sales. Apparently my campaigns are running at about 40% efficiency."

The Strategy

The first thing in order was to stop the account bleeding money.

Budget was redistributed to the Shopping campaigns that were bringing most revenue, from the low-performing Display ads.

Dynamic Remarketing ads were the only display ads left running (these ads show previously viewed products to the past site visitors).

The optimization consisted of researching keywords, restructuring the account for tighter relevance between keywords and the ads as well as for better manageability.

To further improve efficiency, I needed the performance baseline.

Unfortunately, the account had lacked accurate revenue results because of the incorrect conversion tracking.

After fixing conversion tracking and letting the campagins run for a full month, I had my performance benchmark.

Once the account had been stabilized, I followed the monitoring/optmization process that consisted of daily, weekly, and monthly actions.

Results 6 Months In

Since the month 1, the account experienced consistent growth in revenue and ROAS.

6 months in, it had achieved 197% revenue growth and 200% ROAS growth.

Strategy Revised

With the 6 month' worth of historical data at my disposal, I was able to re-analyze performance and create more nuanced optimization strategy.

Products were segmented by their ROAS performance, and put in different shopping campaigns, each configured individually for better efficiency.

Results 12 Months In

Performance kept growing consistently, 12 months in the account was bringing 270% more revenue, achieving 3x ROAS growth. Monthly PPC spend had decreased by 4%.


In the hindsight, the owner's intuition about the account's potential was spot-on, and we proved it by doubling revenue in 6 months. Better yet, KPIs kept growing.

That became possible due to structured management process and adoption of the best newer Google Ads features what allowed us to unlevel the playing field.  

Another key factor of success is our close partnership with the business owner.
Their deep business knowledge coupled with my PPC experience and mutual trust has proven to be the winning recipe!

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