Weekly marketing update for SMBs during COVID-19 (Week of Apr 30)

Our lives have changed significantly in the last 3 weeks. Like many other things, digital marketing trends have shifted in never seen before ways. There's a lot of advice, a lot of recommendations around for small businesses. The problem is the marketing situation keeps changing. In order to separate signal from noise and provide timely marketing advice to the small businesses, I will be posting weekly articles with status updates, and short practical tips. This is the first such article.

April 6, 2020
Smallbiz marketing tips

I would define the next several months as the periods Crisis, Recovery, and Growth.

We are now in the Crisis mode, and it will continue through April, possibly, May.

Here are the 3 things small businesses can do in the Crisis mode.

1. Stay in Paid Search if it makes sense, if you are achieving your marketing goals. Some industries were impacted, not not all. Also, when some advertisers are dropping out, it is an opportunity to get bigger market share for those who stick around.

2. Dive in in Display and YouTube. While Search volume decreased in the last 2 weeks, Display and YouTube have increased. You could, for example, focus on remarketing, and on creating video content.

3. Update your messaging. Have a page on your site with updated Terms & Conditions, FAQs, updated hours of operations, attractive offers, or simply saying "We Are Open".
Businesses who simply updated their hours of operations have seen significant growth in organic traffic.
Update your business listings in all relevant places: Search, Maps & Navigation services, Social networks, and apps: Start with Google My Business, Bing places for business, Apple Maps, and so on. You can update most of those listings at once with MOZ Local, a great service that I use.  

That's it for know.

If you have any questions, comment below, and I'll try to address them.

Stay well,



Hi, I am Andrey Kisselev,
the founder of ADDI Marketing. I run  Google Ads campaigns that help businesses grow.

Connect with me on:


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Hi, I am Andrey Kisselev.
I run Google Ads for small businesses and help them grow.

Connect with me on:

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