Protecting your brand with PPC: 5 reasons

Do this: type your company’s trademark or brand name in the browser. If your brand is not at the very top, I hope you agree that it’s not acceptable. This, though, can be avoided by you bidding on your brand terms with PPC. This may sound crazy to you, but hear me out: Let me present to you five reasons why protecting your brand with PPC will make sense.

December 3, 2019
Google Ads

1. Organic space is shrinking

These are the results of three searches made on a PC browser. Note that the paid ads - in yellow - always appear above the organic listings in green, and take up to half of the page.

Three SERP results on a PC

The same searches on Mobile show Organic territory almost nonexistent on the first screen.

Three SEPR results on mobile


2. Control the message

In Glossier’s case, Google fills the SERPs with misleading Maps results. But the company is smartly using a paid ad, which appears in the most important first position. And the paid ad allows them to highlight specific time-sensitive messages like sales offer in this case.

Effective brand protection with a paid ad


3. Fend off competition that’s bidding on your keywords

Remember that Google allows other advertisers to bid on your branded terms. Yes, That’s true!

Here because Impossible Foods didn’t buy their branded ads, their listings are hijacked by the competitor-funded ads and appear only on the third position.

SERPs with competitors' ads above the brand organic listing.

Progressive, on the other hand, is running a branded ad which appears on the very top, and pushes the competitor’s paid ad down. Note that progressive’s organic listing is on 3rd position. This is a great example of SEO not being enough of protecting a brand.

SERP of the brand, protected by PPC and SEO

4. Inexpensive keywords

Anyone who manages PPC, is on a constant lookout for cheap keywords that drive traffic and conversions.

Well, they may be right under your nose - your own branded terms. And they are usually much cheaper than your non-branded keywords because of inherently higher Quality Score.

5. Capture high-quality leads

People who are searching for your brand - if you think about it - have higher potential to become leads and customers because they are already somehow acquainted with your business, products or services. You don’t want to lose those potential customers to a competitor who is bidding on your brand name.


Hi, I am Andrey Kisselev,
the founder of ADDI Marketing. I run  Google Ads campaigns that help businesses grow.

Connect with me on:


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Hi, I am Andrey Kisselev.
I run Google Ads for small businesses and help them grow.

Connect with me on:

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