How to Show Display Ads on Competitive Placements

Display Ads
May 25, 2023

Several tricks for getting our ads to appear on competitive placements like WSJ.COM

Question: I can't get my Display ads to show on a highly competitive placement like Wall Street app
even after raising Daily Budget to $500 and Manual CPC bid to $4.

Generally, in order to increase your chances of getting your ads seen by your target audience, you need to work on bidding, budget, and Quality store.
If bidding and budget are adequate, focus on improving quality score.
Since your ad doesn't have any "proof" it works (aka can get the click), Google might be hesitant to show it on such a competitive placement.

Some things to try:
- start to open up targeting slightly, and then bring it back.
- try different ad formats (standard display ads vs Responsive display ads )
- Get creative inspiration from your competitors. You can use tools like Moot to monitor and track your competitors' display ads on various websites

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