How To Optimize Google Display Campaigns

Display Ads
May 25, 2023

An introduction to optimizing Google Display campaigns

Question: How can I optimize my Google Display  campaigns?

Google Display Ads can show your ads on over 2 million websites and apps that are part of the Google Display Network. They can help you reach potential customers who are browsing the web, watching videos, or using apps that are relevant to your products or services.
From a high-level Point of view, display campaign optimization is not so different from other campaign types.

You need to:
- Determine your objective: is it for remarketing or prospecting? Are you pushing products directly or are you after the top-of-the-funnel touch points (quiz/download/article views)?
- Ensure your campaigns are working as intended? (getting clicks, impressions, showing up in the right places, and so on.)
- Are bids optimized? experiment with different targeting options, different bidding strategies
- And, basic stuff: use clear and compelling images, headlines, and descriptions that capture attention and communicate your value proposition, and exclude placements when appropriate.

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