A Google Ads Trick To View Smart Shopping campaigns

Andrey Kisselev
January 20, 2023

Here's a trick I've discovered to quickly view Smart Shopping campaigns in Google Ads, and compare their performance with Standard Shopping campaigns. I've never seen it documented anywhere - have you?

If you are running Smart Shopping campaigns and want to see quickly the impact on your Google ads account, here's a quick and visual way to do that inside Google Ads. Select shopping campaigns, select your date range. Select conversion value.

Within a segment select Network. Here, you see the red line called cross-network. Cross-network is the Google's designation for the Smart Shopping campaign traffic.

So we see that conversion value for smart shopping has been increasing while conversion value for Standard shopping. - blue line - has been flat in the last couple of months. Let's see also the cost.

The cost for smart shopping campaign has been decreasing while standard has been increasing, which probably means that ROAS has been quite good for smart shopping. Let's see that. Conversions, conversion value / cost. Sure enough, ROAS for smart shopping - the blue line - is through the roof, especially in the last month. But this comparison is not technically true because smart shopping campaign traffic includes also display traffic. While here is we're looking at search traffic for standard shopping. You can kind of see the impact, compare the impact here. If you switch to all campaigns, select conversion value and click segment network. So here you see the Google Display network is yellow and it's almost non-visible. It means the Google display traffic is negligible and our earlier comparison of shopping campaigns has been quite correct. I haven't seen this trick documented anywhere. So if you liked it like the video and leave your comments below, thank you. Have a good day.

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