About me

My name is Andrey Kisselev. I'm a PPC specialist and the founder of Addi Marketing.

Here is my story.

My name is Andrey Kisselev. I'm a PPC specialist and the founder of Addi Marketing.

Here is my story.

First life. Growing up

Life in the Soviet Union was fun but static. While growing and studying under the “Totalitarism Light” system was quite interesting, international travel was nearly impossible.

This is when I developed the hunger for travel. So shortly after getting a degree in Electrical Engineering, I had relocated to the US, then Italy, then again US, with extensive traveling in between.

Second life. Corporate world

In the West, I was fascinated to learn new cultures and shocked to discover that one can view a simplest thing in a completely different way than you. This had helped me to better understand people and become a better communicator.

Meanwhile, during the first tough years in the US (my first job was a mover for $5/hour plus tips), I kept learning, and eventually joined the “corporate world”.

Over the years, I had worked in a number of IT, marketing, and sales positions in international companies in North America and Europe.

Third life. Running my own business

Strangely, while living in the capitalism system, I was not interested in entrepreneurship for many years … until I started a PPC freelancing business Addi Marketing in 2016.

Only then, I did really understand - both from my clients, and from running my company - what entrepreneurs do, how small business operates, the role of marketing, and especially Google Ads, in its bottom line.

I also learned how hart it is to run and grow your business.

My first clients were local businesses that needed more calls or sales leads. They had high expectation and small budgets.

I was one of many rookie AdWords specialists, hustling for a $200/month gig on Upwork.

Today I think that was the hardest phase in my entrepreneurship life.

I needed to break this glass ceiling.

After learning more about PPC and business development, I realized that I needed to find my niche.

That's how Google Shopping Help became my niche.

I like my business’ size, and the clients seem to appreciate the level of attention and, especially, the results they get.


These things excite me outside of work:

My Motto

Appreciate what you have, keep moving, stay humble.